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Cammann  Inc.  Wakeman, Ohio    U.S.A.

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The world leader in metal disintegrators for removing broken studs, taps, and drills without damage to the internal hole.  This is done thru the use of spark erosion.  Disintegration of carbide inserts (compacts) from oil, gas, and water drill bits.  Original manufacturer of roll marking machines, for permanent marking of master rolls in the rebar industry.  Cammann supplies all types of spare parts, tooling and electrodes including branding, moly, and camgraph.

Cammann Inc. sales territories are the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

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Exclusive Distributor and Service Provider To All Regions Outside of the Manufacturer's territory, United Kingdom, Europe, and Russia:   Exclusive Distributor and Service Provider for the United Kingdom, Europe, and Russia:
National Mechanical Engineering Services
PO Box 985, Mina Al Fahal, Sultanate of Oman
Ph: +968 2459 0020 Fx: +968 2459 0200
Contact: Mr. Harald Schmit, General Manager
Mobile Ph: +968 9720 7020








  SparkTech BVBA
Noorderlaan 17, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium
Mobile Ph: +324 753 72201
Contact: Mr. Bart Huysmans, President











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