Hello, my name is Henry R. Cammann, President of Cammann Inc.

Our business was established in 1955 by my father and has been thriving ever since. I personally have been president of Cammann Inc. since 1986 and have over 40 years in this business.

Our brand-new lineup of Cammann Metal Disintegrators are made to remove broken taps, drills, studs and a host of other applications. Some of these applications include the steel industry for rebar roll marking, core sampling for metallurgical specimens, carbide and diamond insert removal from oil, gas and water lines, drill bits, broken bolt and pin removal in the paper industry, broken tap and drill removal from automotive blocks, heads, crankshafts, portable repair of military equipment, repair of turbines in power plants, and also general repair inside and down the hatch of submarines.

Our equipment is backed by an unconditional five-year total machine warranty along with our 30-day performance guarantee. If within 30 days after taking delivery of a Cammann Metal Disintegrator you discover a disintegrator that will perform as well as your Cammann, your entire purchase price will be refunded on the return of the disintegrator. We also include no-charge training at Cammann Inc. in Birmingham, Ohio while you own the machine.

We supply parts, electrodes, electrode holders, or special tooling for all metal disintegrators. Service is available from our trained staff. If you need anything special just contact us.

Thanks for your time and for taking a look at our web site!

Henry R. Cammann