What Differentiates Cammann from its Competitors?

Cammann Inc. is a family owned business in operation since 1955. We manufacture our machinery from the highest quality US made components. We are CE Certified and follow all NEC, OSHA,  Rohs, UL, and CSA standards and electrical codes.

We offer our machinery with 15KVA or 20KVA (Kilovolt-Ampere) power load rated in-house made transformers. This means that our machinery will burn a broken tool in one cut faster and more efficiently than any other machine on the market. Our machinery is built to handle the big stuff, with specific models disintegrating broken bolts up to 7 1/2″ diameter.

All models come standard with heavy wall square 6061 aluminum SQSS Superstructure Electrode Positioners which disintegrate true to the alignment of the electrode. Square aluminum castings internally have 6″ bearing surfaces consisting of two surfaces fixed with oil tight bronze pads and two surfaces with phenolic adjustable Gibb bearings for total accuracy with no slop. All Superstructure components are hard anodized to prevent wear and corrosion.

Our machinery is backed by a 30 day performance guarantee and a 5 year warranty, which means our machinery is built to last, with some still in operation after 50 years of continuous use. We offer full machine repairs and rebuilds if you find that your machine is not working at peak performance during any part of the machine’s lifecycle.

Try our machinery and you’ll never look back.

Made in the USA

Family Owned & Operated Since 1955

CE Certificaiton Icon

CE Certified

Excellence in Customer Service

Far More Features

High Safety Standards

Extremely Accurate

Most Cutting Power Available on the Market

Largest Electrodes

Incredible Cutting Capacity

Can Customize Machine and Tooling to Meet Customer Needs

Free Training at Cammann with Machine Purchase

Thermal Overload Switches and Indicator Lights to Prevent Overheating and Damage

GFCI Protection

5-year warranty/guarantee + 30-day performance guarantee if you find a machine you’re happier with.*

*So far, no one has.