C-30 SQSS RC – 20KVA Power Supply

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  • Designed for quick, accurate, portable on-site disintegration of broken tools
  • Smaller, separated power units allow access into tight areas, fits through a 25″ diameter submarine hatch
  • Disintegrations of broken tools from 2-56 up to 2″ diameter in one cut
  • Removes ¼”-20 taps, 1″ deep in one minute
  • Automatic disintegration, complete and ready to operate with Cammamatic Feed (prevents skewing of electrodes) and auto depth shutoff
  • MINI SQSS Superstructure provides a rugged 8 motion, all angle, 4 axis 360° rotation, mounted on a magnetic base
  • Removable remote control unit with 25′ of reach from the power unit and 25′ reach from SQSS Superstructure

Machines are built to order and are fully customizable.


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