C-37 SQSS LSTS Lo – 20KVA Power Supply

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  • Designed to accommodate larger work pieces, requiring programmable distances between hole patterns.
  • Mainly used for diesel engine blocks or valves.
  • Programmable driver can repeatable burn single or compound angle holes in a straight line within .001
  • Disintegrations of broken tools from 2-56 up to 2″ diameter in one cut
  • Removes ½”-13 taps 2″ depth in three minute
  • Automatic disintegration, complete and ready to operate with Cammamatic Feed (prevents skewing of electrodes) and auto depth shutoff
  • SQSS Superstructure provides a rugged 8 motion, all angle, 4 axis 360° rotation. Optional magnetic base for working 24′ away from machine base
  • Table size: 30×36″ with 36pc ½”-13 tapped holes

Machines are built to order and are fully customizable.


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