SQSS Superstructure Electrode Positioner

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  • Electrode positioner, with optional magnet base for portability
  • Disintegrates true to the alignment of the electrode
  • No deflection or skewing of electrode
  • No depth restriction on broken tool removal
  • Adjustable bearing surfaces for lifetime accuracy of superstructure
  • 6″ bearing surface on all linear slides
  • Easy field modifications for tight access
  • Operates with any Cammann Metal Disintegrator


  • New square post design incorporating lifetime adjustable bearings with 6″ bearing surface on all linear sides
  • Non-distorting locking mechanism
  • 3 axis wiper sealed rack and pinion movement
  • Calibrated in degrees for quick squaring of structure
  • Depth scale provided with all models except RM models (RM models come with
    micrometer depth scale)
  • Automatic depth stop shutoff at the end of machining cycle
  • Stainless steel covered, 2000 pound permanent magnetic base, with cam activated
    breakaway lever and auxiliary break screw
  • Standard Superstructure weighs 100 pounds and can be used vertically, horizontally or
  • Single person setup by easy three piece breakdown of the Superstructure
  • SQSS Cutting Head with C-PSA1 Precision Spindle Adaptor easily handles any size
  • Lifting eye bolt
  • Safety chain for magnetic base
  • Easy interchangeable design to increase or decrease stroke and throat. Customer can mix
    and match the different series of column, ram and quill lengths listed above

Comes standard with every machine, making our machines more accurate than the competition’s.


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